Out of Time
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Book, Photography Out of Time 2018

Out of Time

Lighthouses have been a beacon of hope and orientation, connecting the land with the sea. Today, they are verging on the edge of obsolescence. The idea of lighthouses losing their light due to technological innovation is a melancholic one. As their function diminishes, so does their significance as a symbol. In relation to that, the title of the book is printed on a dark grey, nearly black surface making it almost disappear. The images are shot in 5 different sequences; each placed identically from full-bleed to a series of shots and then divided throughout the book. Cyclus paper was used to keep an connection with the past and serves as a homage to the romantic nature of lighthouses and its disappearing function.


  • Book design
  • KABK Photography
  • Print
  • Detail

  • Year: 2018
  • Client: Evita hinneman
  • Print: Raddraaier
  • Pages: 106, Cyclus Offset 140 grms
  • Cover: Savile Row Dark Grey 300 grms
  • Sewn with Swiss binding