The Goodbye
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Publication The Goodbye 2016

The Goodbye

In The Goodbye there is an emotional perplexity reflected. The work presents a conflict between richness, serenity, love and sadness. An interim moment that signifies a turning-point between past and present. The moment before the actual goodbye takes place. This publication gives an insight in the process of a construction from a goodbye scene. The scene is about the dissolution of a long relationship between a man and a woman. What was once a shared future, will slowly end in a while. The photographic stills are arranged in a sequence, which are taken from different perspectives of one singular frozen moment, reflecting an eternal present. Trying to gasp the transience of such an immaterial moment, by slowing down the fleetingness of time. An attempt to stimulate reflection on the essence of man: our capability to love. This publication was made in collaboration with Evita Hinneman and is part of a video installation.


  • Publication
  • KABK Photography
  • Editorial design
  • Detail

  • Year: 2016
  • Print: NDR
  • Pages: 40, various page sizes
  • Paper: Various weights and types
  • Photography: Evita Hinneman
  • Script: Evita Hinneman
  • Curated by Eric Kessels

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