Searching for Juldi
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Book, Photography Searching for juldi 2017

Searching for juldi

Searching for Juldi is a reconstruction of the life of a woman who fled from Liberia. Thirteen years ago, Margreet Nijhof met a woman at a train station. Her name was Juldi and she had just fled from Liberia. This chance encounter brought her in contact with the family of Richtje Nijhof. Juldi suddenly died three years later, a few weeks after the birth of her second son. This book shows a compilation of the sights she might have seen, the places she might have been, the lives they now lead. The design of the book is based on Juldi's journey, in both form and lay-out. Starting with "unclear" pictures and newspaper articles referring to her past and ending with lively images showing her influence is still apparent.


  • Book design
  • Photography
  • Detail

  • Year: 2017
  • Client: Richtje Nijhof
  • Paper: Extra white uncoated 100 gms
  • Cover: hardcover, extra white uncoated
  • Size: 17,6 x 25cm, 116 pages

  • Shortlisted for the unseen dummy award 2017,
    part of the exhibition: Works of Mercy
    at centrum beeldende kunst zuidoost,
    by Richtje Nijhof


  • Website - Richtje Nijhof